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RE: Create Your Own Airline V2

Thu Mar 22, 2007 5:40 pm

Atlanta, Georgia, United States – A new airline will join the other airline in the crowded Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. CEO of Jet Star Airlines, Wendy Tjan has confirmed that the airline will be taken to the air soon. Jet Star airlines will serve domestic and international airport from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Jet Star CEO’s Mr. Tjan told us, “We will be flying from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to many domestic airports in US and some international destination in Europe”. When the press asked about the plane Jet Star will be flying, Mr. Tjan explained, “For the time being, we will be leasing some equipment from ILFC. Our fleets consists of 12 planes, 1 Boeing 737-800, 2 Boeing 757-200, 3 Boeing 767-300, 2 Boeing 767-400ER, 1 Boeing 777-200, and 3 Bombardier Canadair CRJ 200. We will add more planes to our fleet in the 2nd quarter of our operation”. Mr. Tjan explained that the routes detail will be released to press later today.

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Wendy Tjan
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RE: Create Your Own Airline V2

Thu Mar 22, 2007 11:27 pm

Jet Star Airline Press Release: Jet Star Airlines Routes

Here is our routes:



JS 1001 0705 ATL - BWI 0910
JS 1002 0955 BWI - ATL 1200

JS 1003 1225 ATL - AGS 1320 (AGS - Augusta Regional Airport, Augusta, Georgia)
JS 1004 1405 AGS - ATL 1500 (AGS - Augusta Regional Airport, Augusta, Georgia)

JS 1005 1530 ATL - ORD 1635
JS 1006 1720 ORD - ATL 2025

JS 1007 2130 ATL - CVG 2320
JS 1008 0005 CVG - ATL 0155



JS 1009 0700 ATL - BOS 0945
JS 1010 1030 BOS - ATL 1315

JS 1011 1450 ATL - DEN 1605
JS 1012 1650 DEN - ATL 2205


JS 1013 0740 ATL - JAX 0900
JS 1014 0945 JAX - ATL 1100

JS 1015 1140 ATL - LGA 1405
JS 1016 1450 LGA - ATL 1715

JS 1017 1845 ATL - PDX 2040
JS 1018 2125 PDX - ATL 0520



JS 1019 0700 ATL - FLL 0900
JS 1020 1000 FLL - ATL 1200

JS 1021 1225 ATL - TPA 1410
JS 1022 1510 TPA - ATL 1655

JS 1023 1905 ATL - MIA 2115
JS 1024 2215 MIA - ATL 0025


JS 1025 0825 ATL - LAS 0945
JS 1026 1045 LAS - ATL 1805

JS 1027 1855 ATL - PHX 2100
JS 1028 2200 PHX - ATL 0405


JS 1029 0810 ATL - PBI 0955
JS 1030 1055 PBI - ATL 1240

JS 1031 1455 ATL - MIA 1705
JS 1032 1805 MIA - ATL 2015

767-400 ER


JS 1033 0815 ATL - SLC 1010
JS 1034 1110 SLC - ATL 1705

JS 1035 1730 ATL - LAX 1915
JS 1036 2015 LAX - ATL 0400


JS 0001 1730 ATL - MXP 0925
JS 0002 1025 MXP - ATL 1420



JS 0003 1800 ATL - FRA 0915
JS 0004 1015 FRA - ATL 1330



JS 1037 0900 ATL - ABY 0955
JS 1038 1010 ABY - ATL 1105

JS 1039 1125 ATL - ACY 1325 (ACY - Atlantic City International Airport, Atlantic City, New Jersey)
JS 1040 1340 ACY - ATL 1540 (ACY - Atlantic City International Airport, Atlantic City, New Jersey)

JS 1041 1635 ATL - LAF 1815
JS 1042 1830 LAF - ATL 2010


JS 1043 0910 ATL - MLU 0945 (MLU - Monroe Regional Airport, Monroe, Louisiana)
JS 1044 1000 MLU - ATL 1235 (MLU - Monroe Regional Airport, Monroe, Louisiana)

JS 1045 1325 ATL - TOL 1510
JS 1046 1525 TOL - ATL 1710

JS 1047 1815 ATL - HPN 2030
JS 1048 2045 HPN - ATL 2300


JS 1049 1005 ATL - AEX 1045
JS 1050 1100 AEX - ATL 1340

JS 1051 1455 ATL - APF 1640
JS 1052 1655 APF - ATL 1840

JS 1053 2035 ATL - PIA 2120 (PIA - Greater Peoria Regional Airport, Peoria, Illinois)
JS 1054 2135 PIA - ATL 0020 (PIA - Greater Peoria Regional Airport, Peoria, Illinois)
Wendy Tjan
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RE: Create Your Own Airline V2

Fri Mar 23, 2007 11:43 pm

AIR MANCHESTER have taken delivery of ten Boeing 747-400 aircraft, and fifteen Boeing 777-300 aircraft.

The 744s are configured F56, C210. The 773s are configured F50, C85. Both are designed for the frequent business traveller.

F = Prestige Class.

The seats have 80" pitch, and fold completely flat in to comfortable beds. Each seat is individually located, and has a luxurious walnut surround, affording the passenger privacy and comfort.

C = Executive Class.

The seats have 45" pitch, and recline to 120 degrees, affording the passenger comfort and relaxation.

As a result of the delivery of these new aircraft, Air Manchester is adding several new routes to the network. These are to include: -

MAN-SEA (773)
MAN-LAX (773)
MAN-ORD (744)
MAN-ATL (773)
MAN-DEN (773)
MAN-YYZ (744)
MAN-YVR (744)
MAN-KWI (773)
MAN-DXB (773)
MAN-NRT (744)
MAN-SIN (773)
MAN-JED (773)
MAN-SEZ (774)
MAN-JNB (773)
MAN-SXM (773)
MAN-GIG (773)

We envisage these destinations to prove highly successful with our business travellers, as well as those people wishig to travel in a luxury. We are contemplating adding two 777-200ER aircraft, configured to the Boeing Business Jet layout, with full luxury on board. These aircraft would be available for lease.
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RE: Create Your Own Airline V2

Thu Mar 29, 2007 9:12 am

pan am will look at a fleet renewal program (info out later this week)
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RE: Create Your Own Airline V2

Thu Mar 29, 2007 10:45 am

Apologise from Jet Star Airline

Due to database error in our system, Jet Star Airlines has announced that they will start the airlines from scrap, and all of the leased aircraft will be returned to the lessors, in this case ILFC. This database error happens, due to the system upgrade from 6.2.55 to 6.2.56. "We will announce our next plan as soon as possible", Jet Star Airlines' CEO, Mr. Tjan told the press.
Wendy Tjan
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RE: Create Your Own Airline V2

Fri Mar 30, 2007 12:27 am

All the planes of Sunrise Airlines have been sold, but a new airline is founded, too.

1. European Airways

2. Major Airline

3. Our hub will be FRA

4. The airline will start with:
2x Embraer 190
2x Airbus 318-100
2x Airbus 320-200

The seat configuration will be like this:

Embraer 190:
Business Class: 1-2 (pitch 39", width 21"), 3 rows
Economy Class: 2-2 (pitch 34", width 18"), 20 rows

Business Class: 2-2 (pitch 39", width 21.6"), 3 rows
Economy Class: 3-3 (pitch 34", width 18"), 15 rows

Business Class: 2-2 (pitch 38'', width 21"), 3 rows
Economy Class: 3-3 (pitch 30", width 18"), 22 rows

Embraer 190 no.1: TXL, MAD, CPH, FCO
Embraer 190 no.2: LIS, PRG, WAW, MUC

A318 no.1: CDG, AMS, TLL, VIE
A318 no.2: ZRH, ARN, ATH, OSL

A320 no.1: LHR, DUB, SVO
A320 no.2: GLA, MAN, HEL
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RE: Create Your Own Airline V2

Fri Mar 30, 2007 12:46 am

Anyone here use Airline 6 simulation here?

Wendy Tjan
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RE: Create Your Own Airline V2

Sat Mar 31, 2007 6:25 pm

Jet Star Airlines Press Release

Today, at their HQ in Atlanta, Jet Star Airlines has made it official, that the airline will be launched in the near time. As the system broke down, Jet Star Airlines has stop operating for a while. Once again, the CEO of Jet Star Airlines apologised for the inconvinience. As from previous plan, Jet Star Airlines will start the operation at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The airlines will serve various destination from the home base at Atlanta. There are some quoted question by the reporter and answer from Mr. Tjan, as follow:

Q: This time, what kind of equipment will Jet Star Airlines use?
A: We haven't made our decision yet. As both Airbus and Boeing insisted that their plane is the best. We are still in the discussion stage with our financial, operation and maintenance manager regarding the type of planes. The only thing, we can tell for the moment is that we will be leasing some equipment from lessor. As soon as we make the decision we will held a press conference to let you guys know.

Q: What are the cities, Jet Star will be serving?
A: For the time being, we will be operating domestically in US. City like LA, New York, Chicago will be having priority. As time goes on, we will be expanding internationally. We can't clarify further about the cities we will be serving and the frequency, as this will depend on the availability of the aircraft.

Q: Do you have any other plan?
A: Yeah, if we have enough money, we will be building our own maintenance facility to perform A, B, C, and D check. We hope that we can do some maintenance work for other airlines. Thank you for all our fellow reporters, for attending our press conference. We will keep you updates.
Wendy Tjan
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RE: Create Your Own Airline V2

Tue Apr 10, 2007 11:04 pm

The management team of Air Manchester have decided that, due to our increasing international status, we should change our name to reflect this. Also, we plan to introduce a hub at Chicago O'Hare International Airport, to serve the executive business travellers of the Americas. As of May 1st 2007, Air Manchester will be known as Moran Executive Airlines. The fuselage of the aircraft will be white, with the airline's name in styalised navy blue text above the windows on the first half of the fuselage. The tail fin will be sky blue, with a large styalised M on it.

MEA has taken delivery of a further 15 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, which will operate from our hub at ORD. They will serve the following routes: -

ORD-LAX (Four flights a day with one aircraft)
ORD-YVR (Two flights a day with one aircraft)
ORD-BWI (Six flights a day with one aircraft)
ORD-DFW (Two flights a day with one aircraft)

We have also placed an order for 50 Boeing 737-800 aircraft, which will be configured F10C80. These will be split between our two hubs, with twenty-five going to MAN and twenty-five to ORD. These will then be used on extensive routes throughout Europe from MAN and through the USA and Canada from ORD. More details on routes will be posted as and when we have them.

We are introducing Executive Lounges at both hubs in our own right, which will be the most luxurious on offer by any airline. We are also introducing codeshare agreements with United Airlines, Air Canada, British Airways, Aer Lingus, Aerolineas Argentinas, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Air France, TAP Air Portugal, Iberia, Air New Zealand, and Qantas Airways. All of our passengers will automatically fly first class with these airlines. Our partner airlines' passengers will fly according to the class they have booked.

For our most frequent fliers, we intend to introduce a scheme that we believe will prove successful. For every ten flights a passenger takes, regardless of which class they are travelling in, they will automatically receive the tenth flight on any destination absolutely free of charge - and this will be in the first class cabin of the aircraft, depending on availability on the chosen flight. We believe this is the best possible way to say thank you to our passengers for their continued custom.

Our Chairman and Chief Executive, Jason Moran, wants to world to see that Moran Executive Airlines are the world's most dedicated airline to customer care and satisfation. He believes by introducing these measures, people will only ever want to fly with MEA.
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Re: Create Your Own Airline V2

Mon Feb 27, 2017 9:25 am

1. flyAtlantica.com
2. Low Cost
3. Miami International Airport (MIA)
4. 7x Boeing 787-8, 4x Embraer ERJ-135, 4x Embraer ERJ-145, 1x Embraer EMB-120, 3x Bombardier Dash 8-Q400
5. 787: E: 3-4-3 with 27in seat pitch, Premium Economy 3-3-3 with 31in pitch
ERJ-135: E: 2-2 with 27in seat pitch
ERJ-145: E: 2-2 with 27in seat pitch
EMB-120: E: 1-2 with 25in seat pitch
Q400: E: 3-3 with 27in seat pitch, Premium 2-3 with 29in pitch
6. 787:
N787FA: MIA-LGW, MIA-NRT (stop in Vancouver)
N787FE: MIA-TLV, MIA-DXB (fuel stop in Cairo)




Dash 8:

7. MIA: Atlantica Lounge

Airline Partners: easyJet, Ryanair, Allegiant Air, Volotea, jetBlue, Southwest, Scoot, JetStar Pacific, JetStar, AirAsia

flyAtlantica.com is also considering Airbus A319s, A318s and A320s. They have two purchase rights (options) for Boeing's 737-800ER.

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