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Your first experiences in aviation

Wed Oct 24, 2018 5:48 am

Hello everyone . I found out a similar thread which was there 2 years ago . However lot of new members have joined after that . So in this thread , feel free to share your firsts in aviation . Mine are:

1st flight : BOM-CCU , July 1993
1st airline : Air India
1st type : 747-200 ( It was an NRT-HKG-BOM-CCU flight in which I was in the last sector . I was just 3 yrs old so all these info I came to know later
from my father)
1st single : NA
1st twin : B737-400 (Jet airways)
1st trijet : NA
1st quad : 747-200
1st turboprop : Q400 (spicejet)
1st piston ... NA
1st helicopter ... none yet
1st Boeing ... B747-200
1st Airbus ... A320 (IC BOM-DEL)
1st aircraft named ... Can't remember
1st J class ... 9W 737-400 (BOM-CCU)
1st logojet ...NA
1st RJ ... NA
1st equipment sub ... In 2014 LH 744 (old one) for LH A380 . (I'll never forgive you for that LH . You started selling FRA-BOM as operated by a380
even before you got the slots for the same . And when you didn't get the slots ,you put us in that old 744!!)
1st diversion ... SQ SIN-BOM diverted to DEL because of closure of BOM's main runway and the secondary runway couldn't handle an a380.
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Wed Oct 24, 2018 6:01 am

1st flight : LGW-ATL, March 1983
1st airline : Delta
1st type : L1011
1st single : Cessna 172
1st twin : Probably a 737-200adv
1st trijet : L1011
1st quad : probably 747-400 (might have had an A340 previously)
1st turboprop : probably a Dash 8
1st piston ... Cessna 172
1st helicopter ... Bell Jet Ranger
1st Boeing ... B727-200
1st Airbus ... A300
1st aircraft named ... Can't remember
1st J class ... EY A333
1st logojet ...RyanAir Hertz I think
1st RJ ... Can't remember. Probably an Embraer
1st equipment sub ... There have been many, can't remember the first.
1st diversion ... Jersey European (I think), Belfast (might have been Dublin) to LGW, diverted to BHX, but did then get to fly an old BAC1-11 down to LGW.

To get really geeky
1st takeoff as PF: Cessna 172
1st landing as PF: Cessna 172
1st turboprop as PF: F27
1st twin jet as PF: 737 classic (but only a Level D sim)
1st trijet as PF: none
1st quad jet as PF: 747-400 (but only a Level D sim)
1st helicopter as PF: none
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Wed Oct 24, 2018 6:11 am

1st flight : BEG-PUY, summer 1988
1st airline : JAT Yugoslav Airlines
1st type : DC-9
1st twin : B737-200
1st trijet : DC-10
1st quad : IL-86
1st turboprop : Atr-72
1st Boeing ... B737-200
1st Airbus ... A320
1st J class ... OS MD-82
1st RJ ... E145
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Wed Oct 24, 2018 6:18 am

1st Flight routing (total): JFK-FRA-KWI-BOM in 1992 - I was one
1st Airline: Kuwait Airways
1st Type: DC-10
1st Twin: B737-400
1st Quad: B747-400 (LH)
1st Boeing: B737-400
1st Airbus: A340-200
1st J Class: AI B747-400
1st RJ: E145 (UA)
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Wed Oct 24, 2018 7:48 am

1st flight: VCE-MUC sometime in early 1987 (I was eight months old)
1st airline: Lufthansa
1st type: 737-200 (VCE-MUC, 1987)
1st single: Cessna 152
1st twin: 737-200
1st trijet: 727-200 (LH, VCE-MUC, early 1990s)
1st quad: 747-100
1st turboprop: Fokker 50 (LH Cityline, MUC-VCE, early 1990s)
1st piston: n/a
1st helicopter: Mil Mi-8
1st Boeing: 737-200
1st Airbus: A320-200 (LH, VCE-FRA, October 1996)
1st aircraft named: BA 757-200 G-BMRD "Bothwell Castle" (first one I'm certain of)
1st J class: BA 757-200 (VCE-LHR, 28 July 1998)
1st logojet: CX 747-400 B-HOX "Spirit of Hong Kong" (HKG-CDG, 10 September 2002)
1st RJ: KL Fokker 70 (AMS-VCE, August 1995)
1st equipment sub: LH A321-100 instead of A310-300, (TXL-FRA, 12 May 2002 - mildly infuriating as I never got to fly on an A310)
1st diversion: LH3534, A320-200, FRA-VCE, diverted to TRS due to fog (8 June 1997)
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Wed Oct 24, 2018 8:30 am

My first flight was not on a commercial plane, and not even a fixed-wing bird at that.
In end '74 or early '75 (the sands of time have clouded my biological harddrive somewhat), as a teen tech conscript newly posed to an airforce fighter squadron that had just been set up, a fellow wet-behind-the-ears mate and I went over to our established neighbors to make a "courtesy call" on the commander. He immediately saw through us and demanded to know our true purpose.

We sheepishly admitted to being never been in the air before and asked for a joyride on their Bell UH-1B choppers. He was amused and first sternly admonished us for being foolishly brave, saying no one, not even his own squadron guys had the gall to make such an audacious request before.
Scolding over, he then break into a slight friendly smile, remarking "Tell you what boys, for being the first, you'll get it. Come see my ops officer at 9am tomorrow. We have a one-hour test flight scheduled for 10am."

The next day, the flight captain welcomed us and said that we are lucky ignorant fools but with balls. He promised a memorable experience. As it was a check-out sortie after a regular maintenance regime, the two pilots went through a slew of maneuvers; tight turns, banks, steep incline climbs & dives, repeated touch-and-go landings/takeoffs, hoovering, side & rear movements, and then culminating in a sudden dead drop of a couple of thousand feet.
We nearly lost our partially digested breakfast. The captain turned to face us and smirked, "Nice isn't it?" I replied, "Woah, but why didn't you warn us in advance?" He laughed, "What? And take away the surprise? I promised you a memorable flight, didn't I?"

Now, I wonder how many folks get to be inducted into aviation like that!
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Wed Oct 24, 2018 9:14 am

British Air Ferries Lydd - Le Touquet in 1969
UTA DC-8 series 33 and 55 Paris Le Bourget - Fort Lamy, Chad ... erries.php ... n9LhAhEmAM:

While at Fort Lamy Airport in 1973, the French Concorde prototype came for tea. ... eum_52.jpg

Very interesting film of Fort Lamy Airport
http://www.cinemathequenouvelleaquitain ... hp?film423
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Wed Oct 24, 2018 10:31 am

1st narrowbody:
AK(Malaysia Airasia) 737-300
1st widebody/1st flight/1st quadjet:
LH 747-400
1st widebody-twinjet:
TG A300/A330
1st equipment sub:
TG 747-400 instead of 777-200
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Wed Oct 24, 2018 10:48 am

My first flight was YSJ-YHZ in the early 80s. I don't remember it very well, but it was probably on an Eastern Provincial Airways 737-200.
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Wed Oct 24, 2018 11:38 am

[quote="binayak"]Hello everyone . I found out a similar thread which was there 2 years ago . However lot of new members have joined after that . So in this thread , feel free to share your firsts in aviation . Mine are:

1st flight : BDL-ORD ....August 15, 1978
1st airline : TWA
1st type : Boeing 707
1st single : Cessna 152
1st twin : DC-9
1st trijet : DC-10
1st quad : Boeing 707
1st turboprop : FH-227
1st piston ... DHH Heron
1st helicopter ... none yet
1st Boeing ... 707
1st Airbus ... A300
1st aircraft named ... no idea
1st J class ... Eastern from BDL to TPA
1st logojet ...Shamu on Southwest
1st RJ ... Continental from CLE to MSP ERJ-145
1st equipment sub ... In 1986 from ORD to BDL, DC-10 to a 747-100. Snowstorm. Earlier flight cancelled, combined both flights and upgaged the aircraft. Took off with three empty seats four hour late. All good, we got home and got a big plane.
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Wed Oct 24, 2018 12:14 pm

I had flights when I was very young so I'm going by the first I remember.

1st flight : SJC-ORD (Summer 1982)
1st airline : United
1st type : DC-8
1st single : Never in commercial service
1st twin : B737-200 (America West)
1st trijet : 727 (United)
1st quad : DC-8
1st turboprop : ATR (not sure of the subtype, American Eagle)
1st piston ... None
1st helicopter ... None
1st Boeing ... 727
1st Airbus ... A320 (America West PHX-ORD 1993)
1st aircraft named ... ?
1st J class ... AA MD-80, SJC-ORD 1989
1st logojet ...WN Shamu. I think it was the Sea World Ohio one, 1995 SJC-SNA
1st RJ ... ERJ, not sure of sub type, American Eagle IND-ORD
1st equipment sub ... DC-8 for a 727 on UA, ORD-SJC 1987
1st diversion ... None!
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Wed Oct 24, 2018 4:09 pm

1st flight : DRW-PER
1st airline : Qantas
1st type : B737-400 (Most likely)
1st single : Cessna 172N
1st twin : B737
1st quad : B747-300 (Most likely)
1st turboprop : Q300 (QantasLink)
1st Boeing ... 737
1st Airbus ... A320
1st aircraft named ... Flown but unknown
1st J class ... Qantas 747 LHR-SIN
1st logojet ... Unknown if any
1st RJ ... Boeing 717 (QantasLink)
1st equipment sub ... Q400 to Q300 CBR-SYD in 2017

Extra milestones:
1st International ... SYD-AKL (Qantas)
1st Long Haul ... BKK-LHR (Qantas)
1st Intercontinental ... SYD-BKK (Qantas)
1st Trans-Ocean ... HKG-EWR (CX890, Dec 2018)
1st Non-Qantas ... LHR-DUB (Aer Lingus)
1st US Airport/Flight ... HKG-EWR (Cathay Pacific)
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Wed Oct 24, 2018 4:14 pm

What an exciting thread!
Here I go:

1st flight : KTM-BOM (1996)
1st airline : Royal Nepal Airlines (1996)
1st type : B757-200M (1996)
1st single : C172S (2016, GFK-FAR-CKN-GFK)
1st twin : B757-200
1st trijet : NA, Never
1st quad : SQ A380 SIN-HKG (2014)
1st turboprop : 9W ATR 72 HYD-MAA-BLR 2002
1st piston C172S
1st helicopter TEMSCO Helicopters Eurocopter (Juneau, AK) August 2015
1st Boeing B757-200M 1996
1st Airbus IC A320-200 1999
1st Mad Dog: MD-90 EVA Air August 2014
1st aircraft named VT-S)K 'Fennel' SpiceJet B737-800
1st J class IC BLR-MAA-KUL (first flight after 9/11, too....)
1st logo jet G-CIVI oneworld logo jet LHR-JFK Jan 2018 (stay tuned for TR :))
1st RJ Jetlite CRJ-200ER VT-SAQ CCU-BBI 2010
1st equipment sub (within 24 hours) Alaska Airlines B737-400 -> B737-900 (wanted the -400, but got a nonER -900) August 2015, (within 1 week): Thai B777-200 -> A330-300 (-200 is the only 777 subtype I need to log..) August 2018
1st diversion: none, nearly diverted on LAS-GFK to BIS because of fog + low clouds @ GFK.... announcement was made. November 2016
1st time 'flying without logging': C172 2016
1st PIC/solo/take off/landing while controlling: Piper PA28-181 Archer TX August 2017
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Wed Oct 24, 2018 5:33 pm

So far, in this thread and the old one as well, I have not seen mentioned a certain first which admittedly no one would like to experience.
Missed connection.
I unfortunately had experienced it, and it turned out to be a l---o---n---g wait for the next flight out. It was my first, and thankfully - touch wood - my only such instance in 45 years and approximately 700 flights crisscrossing the skies.

That was in September 1990 on Aeroflot from SIN to Milan, with a 2-hour transit for a change of planes in Moscow. The first sector, on a Ilyushin Il-86, was to have a fuel stopover in Tashkent. The whole affair began earlier in the incoming flight to SIN which touched down an hour late. However, the gate agent assured me that though the resultant one hour leeway is tight, I'll still be able to make it by arranging for me to sit in the front cabin, and for my luggage to loaded last to facilitate a fast transfer.

But then Murphy seemed to be not satisfied with just one delay. He strike again as on our arrival in Tashkent, we we told there will be about an hour of delay as the catering staff were behind schedule with the meals preparation due to, of all things, oversleeping. Grrrrrrrr!!! As matters panned out, I arrived at the terminal in Moscow just in see my connecting flight take off. Sigh!

Enquires made at the transfer desk revealed that the next flight to Milan leaves in exactly two.........days. Huh? What will happen? There I was, to be stranded in the Soviet Union for two whole days; WITHOUT a visa. Not to worry, I was gently assured that I and four other passengers in the same hot soup were be accommodated and taken care of by the Government of the USSR as special guests of the state. We were then driven, with our retrieved luggage, to a huge impressive-looking palatial house with a vast expense of wooded grounds.

On stepping into the cavernous, opulently chandelier-ed foyer, we were told dinner will be served shortly as it was the beginning of nightfall. The food and service were indulgent and we were made to feel like honored visiting statesman VIPs, but were subsequently informed that being without proper travel papers, we couldn't leave the securely gated and heavily guarded compound. Well, that's how the dice roll. We were effectively "prisoners" for the next forty-over hours.

24 hours later, at the next dinner, the manager of the state guesthouse said she understand our loneliness and present a plan to help alleviate the "suffering". Since our flight is for the next late afternoon, she can arrange for a morning visit to the city and the Red Square at something like US$20 a head. All 5 of us snapped up her offer. She stressed that the tour is strictly unofficial and we have to stay closely to her; like glue as otherwise we will land in big trouble. That short 3-hour walkaround turned out to be a great experience, worth every minute of the 48 hours delay.

Murphy turned out to be not too unkind afterall.
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Wed Oct 24, 2018 7:48 pm

First Flight - With Dad in Aeronca Champ, ca. 1955. First Commercial - Mohawk Airlines CV240: BOS-ALB-BTV 1963. First Jet: AA Convair 990 LGA-ORD 1964. First Jumbo: PA 747, FK-LIS-BCN 1972 First Supersonic: Friday May 13th, 1983 BA Concorde LHR-JFK. First Superjumbo: SQ A380, 2007 JFK-FRA.
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Wed Oct 24, 2018 8:08 pm

Some peoples' memories amaze me. I'll try, at least...

1st flight : It was a Learjet, probably 1975. No idea of the route; I was 3!
1st airline : Either United or Northwest Orient
1st type : I'm guessing DC-8
1st single : Cessna 172S - just last week!
1st twin : Had to be a 737-200
1st trijet : 727-100
1st quad : DC-8
1st turboprop : earliest I specifically remember is an Embraer EMB-120, but I know I flew earlier models than that
1st piston ... N/A
1st helicopter ... N/A
1st Boeing ... 727-100
1st Airbus ... A320
1st J class ... UA 747-400 (JFK-NRT), a surprise upgrade
1st logojet ...N/A
1st RJ ... CRJ-900
1st equipment sub ... had a DC-10 subbed for a DC-8 flying EWR-SFO in 1980. Was not happy about it at the time (think of what was happening that year).
1st diversion ... never had one that I recall.
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Wed Oct 24, 2018 11:49 pm

1st flight: BFL-LAX on United
1st airline : United
1st type : 727-100 (We boarded via the rear airstairs!)
1st single : NA
1st twin : B737-222
1st trijet : 727-100 (first flight)
1st quad : 707 (TWA MCI-LAX, 1974)
1st propeller: Convair CV580 (Frontier, brand-new DFW to FSM, 1974)
1st turboprop : NA
1st piston ... NA
1st helicopter ... none yet
1st Boeing ... B727-122
1st Airbus ... A320 MX (LAX-MLM, F-OHMJ)
1st aircraft named ... Frontier A320 N802FR "Montana the Elk"
1st J class ... TWA TPA-STL-LAX MD80 & 767-231ER.
1st logojet ...Arizona Cardinals USAirways
1st RJ ... US SAN-PHX CR7 N507MJ
1st equipment sub ...After 3 30 minute delays, our replacement MD80 arrived, DFW-SAN. Nothing like having a later flight departing for the same city depart RIGHT NEXT to you...
1st diversion ... My only diversion: DFW-BFL diverts to PHX. Plane goes tech. We swap after two-hour delay.

I'll add a couple:

1st widebody: TWA 747 LAX-JFK, August, 1987.
1st recoverable registration: N31014 TWA L1011 LAX-STL August, 1996
1st recorded registration: F-OHMJ. August, 1998. I was going to Mexico to study Spanish, and I was keeping a journal. Waiting for the red-eye to Morelia, Michoacan, I started writing, and I described my Mexicana A320 as it arrived. I was enthralled at Mexicana's stunning liveries, and for some reason the registration caught my eye. I knew it was French registered, and then figured it was probably leased from Airbus, built in France, and shoot, I need to record all my planes!
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Thu Oct 25, 2018 12:16 am

1st flight : SFO-HNL June 2, 1998
1st airline : American Airlines
1st type : DC-10-10 (N133AA)
1st single : Piper Arrow
1st twin : MD-90 (Reno Air, SJC-RNO)
1st trijet : DC-10-10
1st quad : B747-400M (Air Canada, LHR-YYZ)
1st turboprop : Q400 (Horizon Air, SEA-YYJ)
1st piston ... Aero Commander 500B
1st helicopter ... N/A
1st Boeing ... B737-300 (Southwest Airlines, SJC-LAX)
1st Airbus ... A320-200 (Skyservice USA, SFO-PVR)
1st aircraft named ... Reno Air MD-90 (I don't know which one I flew, but they all had names
1st F class ... B767-300ER (American Airlines, ORD-SFO)
1st logojet ... Ohio One B757-200 (HP, PHX-SJD)
1st RJ ... CRJ-900ER (YV, SJD-PHX)
A318/19/20/21/21N A332/3 A343/5 A388 B712 B722 B732/3/4/7/8/9/9ER B744/4M B752/3 B762ER/3/3ER/4ER B77E/L/W B788 CRJ2/7/9 Q400 EMB-120 ERJ-135/140/145/145XR/175 DC-10-10 MD-82/83/88/90

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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Thu Oct 25, 2018 9:51 am

1st flight: LHR – DUB way back in the early 70’s
1st airline: British European Airways (BEA)
1st type: HS Trident 3
1st single: Piper Cherokee
1st twin: B737-200 (Aer Lingus)
1st trijet : HS Trident 3
1st quad: 747-200
1st turboprop : ATR42
1st piston ... Junkers Ju-52 – The Lufthansa one
1st helicopter ... none yet
1st Boeing ... B737-200 (EI LHR-DUB)
1st Airbus ... A300 (AF LHR-CDG)
1st aircraft named ... Can't remember
1st J class ... NW 747-200 (LGW-MSP)
1st F Class … LH A340-300 (FRA-BKK)
1st logojet ...NA
1st RJ ... Bae146
1st equipment sub ... SQ 743 – should have been a 744, meant we flew LHR-BOM-SIN instead of non-stop.
1st diversion ... BA MIA-LHR – diverted to SNN due to low fuel.
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Fri Oct 26, 2018 2:45 am

1st RPT flight: SYD-WGA-SYD in the mid-70s
1st RPT aircraft: Fokker F27
1st single: the Auster (not sure what type) that flew me to the nearest town after 18mth old me drank kerosene on a remote property
1st twin (also first jet): 762 (QF VH-EAJ naming flght - City of Wollongong) SYD-BNE-SYD
1st RPT twin: 733 (Ansett) BNE-SYD
1st quad: 744 (KLM PH-BFA) SYD-SIN-AMS
1st Airbus: 320-200 ASP-SYD
1st ATR: 72-500 SIN-KUL
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Fri Oct 26, 2018 6:56 am

1st flight: HBA (Hobart) to BNE (Brisbane) (Australian domestic flight)
1st airline: Tigerair Australia
1st Aircraft: A320-200
1st special livery: VH-VBY (B737-700) (VirginBlue’s 50th aircraft)
1st widebody: A340-600 (Virgin Atlantic) (SYD-HKG)
1st equipment sub: B737-800 (meant to be 737-8 MAX)
1st quad: A340-600

That’s all I can remember.
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Sat Oct 27, 2018 6:28 pm

1st flight : BOM-PER, Sep 1967 (I think)
1st airline : Air India
1st Boeing: Air-India 707, 1967, BOM-PER
1st MD: Delta DC-9, LGA-ATL, 1980
1st Airbus: Air India A310, 1989, BKK-BOM
1st Lockheed: Gulf Air L-1011, 1993, BOM-MCT
1st Bombardier: Delta CR9, 2010, LAS-LAX
1st Embraer: US Airways E75, 2015, YYZ-LGA
1st helicopter: 2014, New York
1st prop: Piper, Mumbai, 1975
1st 747: Air-India, LHR-BOM, 1972
1st A380: Singapore Airlines, SIN-HKG, 2010
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Sat Oct 27, 2018 8:52 pm

1st flight: BOS-MKE on Midwest airlines sometime in 1999/1998
1st memorable flight: BOS-MKE on Midwest airlines sometime after 2003
1st memorable type: B717-200 (I do not recall what my original Midwest flights were on- I was very young then)
1st single : NA
1st twin : See above
1st trijet : NA
1st quad : BA B747-400
1st propeller: NA
1st turboprop : PD Dash 8-400
1st piston ... NA
1st helicopter ... N/A
1st Boeing ... B717
1st Airbus ... F9 A319
1st RJ ... Midwest/Republic E195
1st go around ... PWM-BWI
1st flight not on YX... UA BOS-CLE-BOS
1st trip overseas/first widebody/first experience in Premiom Economy UA B767-400ER EWR-FCO
WN, LX, AZ, BA, LH, KL, DL, OK, S5, US, UA, VY, IB, AF, LY, F9, CO, YX x2, PD

A319, A320, A321, A332, A333, B712, B733, B737, B738, B753, B744, B764, B772, B789, DH8D, E145, E190,
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Mon Nov 05, 2018 6:21 am

1st flight : SEA-SJC sometime in 1985. Also flew SEA-xxx-TYS while in utero, but not sure of the deails there
1st airline : Alaska
1st type : 727-200
1st single : M5 DHC-2 Beaver
1st twin : AS 737-400 N776AS
1st trijet : AS 727-200
1st quad : n/a, unfortunately
1st turboprop : EV ATR-72 N636AS ATL-GNV
1st piston : M5 DHC-2 Beaver
1st helicopter : n/a
1st Boeing ... AS 727-200
1st Airbus ... NW A330-300 N802NW
1st aircraft named ... KL 737-400 PH-BPC Ernest Hemingway is the first one I have logged, suspect there were others before
1st J class ... DL 757-200 N673DL, CVG-SEA in 2004
1st logojet ...KL 737-800 PH-BXC with the AF-KL credit card promotional livery in 2005
1st RJ ... Comair CRJ 200ER N489CA PIT-CVG
1st equipment sub ... that I know of, AS 737-900 (N317AS) for 737-800, followed on same itinerary by AF 777-300ER (F-GSQM) for 777-200ER and AY A321-200 (OH-LZF) for A320-200. three in one trip--routing was SEA-LAX-CDG-HEL
1st diversion ... still haven't had one
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Thu Nov 08, 2018 7:35 pm

1st flight : SAT-MTY, 5D Saab 340b
1st airline : Aerolitoral (now simply Aeroméxico Connect)
1st type : Saab 340b
1st single : C172?
1st twin : 757-200 (and I’ve only flown on 1...)
1st quad : 747-400
1st turboprop : Saab 340b
1st piston : C172
1st helicopter : NA
1st Boeing ... 757-200
1st Airbus ... a320 (a319?a318? Can’t remembee he variant)
1st aircraft named: That I named? DC10?
1st RJ : CRJ7
1st equipment sub : a321 (swap from a320)
1st diversion : LAS-AUS through PHX. Passenger was experiencing a seizure.
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Fri Nov 09, 2018 11:03 am

Here are a number of my firsts that spring to mind:
First flight - LGW-TUN Feb 1972*
First aircraft [and first twin jet] BAC 1-11 500
First tri jet Boeing 727 [not sure which model] Ansett CNS-ASP
First quad jet Boeing 747-200 QF LHR-BKK
First prop jet Shorts S360 JE LHR-LPL-IOM
First combi 747-300 RG LHR-GRU
First RJ BAe 146 DanAir CWL-BRS-AMS.
First Boeing B737-200 Air Europe MAN-ATH
First Airbus A320-200 BA LHR-AMS
First McDonell Douglas MD80 IB [operated by an Aviaca plane] BRS-PMI*
First Russian Jet TU134 SU LGW-SVO*
First Russian Propjet AN26 KG SCU-UPB
First Longhaul flight ET B767 LHR-FRA-FCO-ADD
First cancellation BMI LHR-MAN Dec 2004 [32 years after my first flight, so not bad going really!]
First flight terminated before final destination RG LHR-GRU-GIG terminated at GRU due to flight running approx. 14 hrs late.
First diversion; departure airport AMS-CWL changed to RTM-CWL due to fog (but we missed the connection – a long long story could now follow!)
First diversion arrival airport CMN-LHR diverted to LGW, again due to fog.
and finally first [but not last] delay/rerouting due to French Air traffic control disputes: TUN-LGW - my second ever flight*
* - Charter flights
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Tue Nov 13, 2018 2:35 am

1st flight ... RIC-DEN via an unknown hub but probably ORD
1st airline ... United
1st type ... Unknown, may have been a B720 (UA)
1st twin ... Unknown, may have been a B732 (UA)
1st 3-holer ...either a UA DC-10 or a Piedmont 727
1st quad ... B720 (UA)
1st turboprop ... The wretched Dash-8 (US)
1st helicopter ... Bell 206L-3 LongRanger 3 N210TV (WAVY-TV)
1st Boeing ... Either a B720 or B732 (UA)
1st Airbus ... A321 CLT-TPA (US)
1st Douglas/MD ... DC-10 ORD-DEN (UA)
1st Bombardier ... The aforementioned, and still wretched Dash-8 (US)
1st Embraer ... E145 ORF-ORD (AA)
1st aircraft named ... one of the Piedmont Pacemakers
1st International Flight ... B752 FI646 IAD-KEF
1st logojet ... AirTran B717 XM Radio launch Elton John livery
1st RJ ... E145 ORF-ORD (AA)
1st winglets ... B73G (FL)
1st foreign airline ... Icelandair
1st in-flight movie ... Not a movie, but ABC's Wide World of Sports rerun on the aforementioned DC-10 ORD-DEN
1st European (non-UK) airline ... Icelandair
1st North American airline ... United
1st seatback IFE ... Frontier A319 PHF-DEN
1st diversion ... Piedmont 727 CLT-(INT)-BNA-DEN
1st award flight ... AirTran PHF-ATL-DEN
1st now-defunct airline ... Piedmont
1st lost luggage ... DL GSO-CVG-DFW (mid-'90s, bag never left GSO)
1st passport stamp ... July 2015, KEF
1st celebrity encounter in an airport ... Whitney Houston at ATL
1st time being the only revenue pax on a CRJ full of nonrevs ... August 2006, US ORF-PHL
1st time sitting in the pilot's seat ... Delta 757 on display at the Langley airshow
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Re: Your first experiences in aviation

Wed Nov 14, 2018 3:13 am

1st flight : DUS-ATH, JULY 1984
1st airline : LTU International Airways
1st type : L-1011-1
1st single : NA
1st twin : B757-200 LTS (LTU Süd)
1st trijet : L-1011-1 (LTU)
1st quad : B-747-100 (United)
1st turboprop : Dash 8-100 (Augsburg Airways for TEAM Lufthansa)
1st Boeing ... B757-200 (LTS)
1st Airbus ... A310 (Swissair ZRH-TLV)
1st MDD ... TWA MD-81 STL-RNO
1st aircraft named ... UNKNOWN
1st J class ... Delta Airlines MD-11 LAX-FRA 1994
1st logojet ...Star Alliance
1st RJ ... CRJ-200 Lauda Air TXL-VIE
1st equipment sub 737-400 Air Belgium for FlyFTI FRA-PMI

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