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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:10 pm

Fiend wrote:
I make 2 trips a year MAN-BKK and have both A6-EDG and A6-EEC 3 times on separate trips. A6-EDV and A6-EED do BKK-DXB, DXB-MAN on the return flights and A6-EBZ 2 times on separate trips.

I've also had Etihads A6-ETF twice

Forgot about one occasion flying MAN-DXB-BKK, but this was before I started keeping records.... Flew MAN-DXB on one 777 and the same 777 was doing DXB-BKK .After boarding departure was delayed due to a tech problem. Eventually we taxied out for take-off, but pilot still wasn't happy with the aircraft, and we were sent to a remote stand before eventually being told we would be changing aircraft....

Arrived in Bangkok about 5 hours late.
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:32 pm

I don't generally track regs but I do know the I've been on G-RAES four times over the last three years all between Boston and London. I have a total of about 30 roundtrips on the AA A321Ts between Kennedy and SF/LA so I've been on at least a few of those multiple times as well.
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:35 pm

Just got back from my second trip on Iberia's EC-LXK A333 today MAD-MIA after flying it MIA-MAD back in November 2016. Coincidentially the MIA-MAD outbound of this trip was on the EC-MIL A332 (Madrid-Tokyo promotional livery) which I had also flown on MAD-MIA in November 2016 on the same trip where I also flew on EC-LXK! The same two registrations twice in a row.

Other double regs that I can think of are IB's EC-JNQ A346 (MEX-MAD and BOS-MAD), EC-JCZ A346 (CCS-MAD and MAD-MEX), and AA's N837NN 738 (OneWorld logojet) on MEX-MIA and MSP-MIA.
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Thu Mar 30, 2017 7:20 am

Flown 3 times on B-KPW a Cathay 77W.
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:26 am

Looking at my spreadsheet, WAY more than I would've thought. 43 different aircraft more than once...

Delta B767-300 N121DE x2 -
6Sep14 MSP-LAX
13Jan15 LAX-MSP

Delta B767-300 N124DE x3 -
17Jul13 SFO-MSP
7Feb14 MSP-ANC
4Jun14 SEA-MSP

US Airways/Republic E170 N124HQ x2 -
20Jun12 DCA-PWM
10Nov12 PWM-PHL

US Airways/Republic E170 N125HQ x2 -
27Jul12 MSP-PHL
08Oct12 PHL-PWM

Delta B767-300 N127DL x2 -
4Apr13 MSP-LAX
15Jul13 SEA-MSP

US Airways/Republic E170 N135HQ x2 -
7Jun12 DCA-PWM
19Oct12 PHL-PWM

Delta B767-300 N144DA x2 -
9Jan13 MSP-LAX
19Jan14 HNL-SLC

Delta B767-300ER N1605 x2 -
22Nov13 SEA-CDG
24Nov13 CDG-CVG

Delta B767-300ER N1607B x2 -
3Jul15 HND-LAX
7Sep15 HND-LAX

JetBlue E190 N239JB x2 -
28Jul09 PWM-MCO
18Jul11 PWM-JFK

Delta A320 N350NA x2 -
29Dec14 BOS-MSP
19Feb16 MSP-CZM

Delta A320 N362NW x2 -
14Oct14 MSP-DTW
23Sep16 MSP-LAS

Delta A320 N362NW x3 -
27Aug13 DTW-MSP
10Dec13 BOS-MSP
15Mar16 SLC-MSP

Delta B737-800 N3762Y x2 -
3Sep13 BOS-MSP
20Jan14 SLC-LAS

Delta B757-200 N522US x2 -
21May15 LAS-MSP
30Jul15 LAS-MSP

Delta B757-300 N583NW x3 -
14Apr14 MSP-LAX
21Jul15 MSP-DTW
26Nov16 HNL-LAX

Delta B757-300 N585NW x2 -
12Jul13 MSP-SEA
24Aug13 MSP-ATL

Delta B757-300 N587NW x2 -
10Apr16 MSP-LAX
27Nov16 LAX-MSP

Delta (Northwest) B757-300 N588NW x2 -
30May05 MSP-BOS
10Jun05 MSP-DTW

Delta B757-200 N23DL x2 -
22Mar15 FLL-MSP
29Oct16 MSP-ATL

Delta B747-400 N666US x2 -
1Aug16 NRT-SEA
4Nov16 DTW-ICN

Delta B747-400 N668US x3 -
30Sep14 MSP-NRT
31Oct16 ICN-DTW
22Nov16 ICN-DTW

Delta B747-400 N669US x2 -
10Mar16 DTW-ICN
3Sep16 SEA-NRT

Delta B747-400 N673US x2 -
28Oct14 DTW-MSP
10Sep16 MNL-NRT

Delta B757-200 N674DL x2 -
16Jul13 MSP-SFO
25Aug14 BOS-MSP

Delta B777-200LR N708DN x2 -
6Sep14 LAX-SYD
10Apr16 LAX-ANC-NRT (Diversion)

Delta A330-300 N804NW x3 -
12Jun13 BOS-AMS
29Apr14 AMS-MSP
27Nov15 ATL-MUC

Delta A330-300 N805NW x3 -
25Apr13 AMS-MSP
5Apr15 AMS-MSP
29Feb16 DUB-JFK

Delta A330-300 N807NW x2 -
28Apr14 DTW-AMS
20Dec14 DTW-AMS

Delta A330-300 N809NW x2 -
24Apr15 BOS-AMS
3Apr15 MSP-AMS

Delta A330-300 N819NW x2 -
30Oct13 SEA-NRT
30Nov15 MUC-ATL

Delta B767-400ER N829MH x2 -
14Feb14 MSP-LHR
18Sep15 MSP-LHR

Delta B767-400ER N832MH x2 -
12Jun15 VCE-JFK
21Sep15 LHR-MSP

Delta B737-900ER N834DN x2 -
18Feb16 ATL-MSP
6Jan17 MSP-MZT

Delta B737-900ER N843DN x2 -
30Nov15 ATL-MSP
4Nov16 MSP-DTW

Delta B777-200ER N865DA x2 -
23Feb14 AMS-DTW
19Jan17 HND-MSP

Delta B777-200ER N867DA x2 -
10Sep16 NRT-MSP
12Jan17 MSP-HND

Delta MD90 N903DA x2 -
14Jun13 ORD-MSP
17Feb16 MSP-ATL

Delta MD88 N908DL x2 -
20Mar13 MSP-DTW
25Mar14 MSP-BOS

Delta MD90 N919DN x2 -
29Mar13 DCA-MSP
26Apr15 MSP-LAS

Delta MD90 N933DN x2 -
23Feb14 DTW-MSP
3Sep14 ATL-MSP

Delta MD90 N942DN x2 -
23Jun14 BDL-MSP
27Nov15 MSP-ATL

Delta MD88 N954DL x2 -
27Sep13 MSP-LGA
12Jun15 LGA-MSP
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Fri Mar 31, 2017 4:08 am

A few times I have!

I have flown the BA 772s G-YMMB and G-YMMD a coupe times between DEN and LHR.

And the other is UA 739 N69819 which I flew on for BOS-DEN two times within the same month.

Other than that it does not appear that I have flown the same frame more than once, at least according to my logbook. But for someone who does not fly often I am impressed that this has happened.
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Fri Mar 31, 2017 12:10 pm

In the last 10yrs have flown LGW-TPA & MCO often and have been on G-VIIP and G-VIIO over 20 times, always try and get the last rear facing Club seat in the forward cabin, great engine view.
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Fri Mar 31, 2017 2:04 pm

I fly frequently from SFO to EWR on UA which uses a dedicated subfleet of 757s with 28 J seats on a majority of flights on the route, so flying on he same plane happens quite frequently.

In the past 12 months I've flown on N502UA 7 times - kinda cool as it is the oldest aircraft in UA's fleet, entering service in 1989.
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Sat Apr 01, 2017 4:53 am

I've taken n807dn a 739er
from Seattle to Atlanta when I was going to fl. Then when I went lga-dtw I was on the same aircraft
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:11 pm

I've flown on several of WS B732/736/737/738 and Q400's twice or more. Same with some of LH A321s, BA B742s as well as KL MD11s and B767s.

On my last trip earlier this week, I had the same AC A320 on my YVR-YEG segment as I did from YLW-YVR 2 hours before.
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Sun Apr 02, 2017 3:42 am

Happened quite often with me.

Back in the days when I was a struggling journalist with an interest in aviation, i went out of the way to try and snag a widebody on domestic runs. For some reason, I got VT-EHC 4 times out of 5 on different routes. From BOM to COK, BLR, MAA, HYD and once to SIN.

VT-JNG was another airframe - >10 flights (lost count).

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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Sun Apr 02, 2017 11:54 am

paullam wrote:
What comes to mind right now:

Condor's D-AIAA
Germanwing's D-AGWK

and some others on tag on flights like MU's Sydney - Nanjing - Beijing service or LH's FRA - JED - ADD for instance.

I have only started tracking regs in January 2016, so there will be duplicates before that. Coincidentally, I also have a double on D-AGWK. Others that I can confirm after Jan 16 are:

D-AINA - Lufthansa - A320neo
05 May 2016 HAM-FRA
19 Jun 2016 FRA-HAM
09 Jul 2016 HAM-FRA

D-AIPL - Lufthansa - A320
14 Mar 2016 FRA-HAM
03 Jun 2016 HAM-FRA
22 Jun 2016 HAM-FRA

VH-VFD - Jetstar - A320
25 Aug 2016 SYD-CNS
26 Aug 2016 CNS-DRW

D-AGWK - Germanwings - A319
29 Apr 2016 HAM-CGN
01 May 2016 CGN-HAM

D-AINC - Lufthansa - A320neo
10 Dec 2016 MUC-FRA
24 Dec 2016 MUC-FRA
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Sun Apr 02, 2017 6:08 pm

12x N773NC DC-9-51 Delta Air Lines
12x N787NC DC-9-51 Delta Air Lines
9x N764NC DC-9-51 Delta Air Lines
9x N786NC DC-9-51 Delta Air Lines
9x N786UA Boeing 777-200 United Airlines
7x N767NC DC-9-51 Delta Air Lines
6x N770NC 5x DC-9-51 Delta Air Lines 1x DC-9-51 Northwest
6x N774NC DC-9-51 Delta Air Lines
6x N775NC DC-9-51 Delta Air Lines
6x N777NC 4x DC-9-51 Delta Air Lines 2x DC-9-51 Northwest
6x N784NC DC-9-51 Delta Air Lines
6x N902DE McDonnell Douglas-88 Delta Air Lines
5x N177UA Boeing 747-400 United Airlines
5x N26910 Boeing 787-8 United Airlines
5x N383DN Boeing 737-800 Delta Air Lines
5x N390DA Boeing 737-800 Delta Air Lines
5x N600TR DC-9-51 Delta Air Lines
5x N601DL Boeing 757-200 Delta Air Lines
5x N626DL Boeing 757-200 Delta Air Lines
5x N642UA Boeing 767-300 United Airlines
5x N779NC DC-9-51 Delta Air Lines
5x N780NC 4x DC-9-51 Delta Air Lines 1x DC-9-51 Northwest
5x N913DE McDonnell Douglas-88 Delta Air Lines
5x N939DL McDonnell Douglas-88 Delta Air Lines
4x N304DQ Boeing 737-700 Delta Air Lines

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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:06 pm

VH OQJ x7 flights

Weird ones are....considering fleet size, various routes and 2 flights within a two week trip to Australia

20th May Qantas A330 VH-QPC Hong Kong to Brisbane 29th May Perth to Singapore

20th May Qantas 737 VH-VYC Perth to Adelaide 1st June Hobart to Melbourne

10th May Qantas 737 VH-VYI Sydney to Cairns then 13th May Cairns to Brisbane

15th May Qantas 737 VH-VZY Sydney to Brisbane then 23rd Brisbane to Townsville
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Fri Apr 07, 2017 7:32 am

Quite a few for me!

3x VT-JGA (Jet Airways B737-800) CCU-BOM-CCU, CMB-MAA (5 years apart!)
3x VT-JLE (JetKonnect B737-800W) NAG-BOM, CCU-DEL, CCU-GAU
3x VT-JBM (Jet Airways B737-800W) CCU-BOM, twice on BOM-CMB
2x VT-JFC (Jet Airways B737-800W) BOM-CCU, MAA-CMB
2x N891GA (Allegiant Air MD-83) GFK-LAS-GFK
2x VT-JBP (Jet Airways B737-800W) CCU-BOM, CMB-BOM
2x VT-JBT (Jet Airways B737-800W) CMB-BOM (both times!)
2x VT-JGD (Jet Airways B737-900) DEL-BOM (both times!)
2x VT-JFP (Jet Airways B737-800W) BOM-CMB, MAA-BOM
2x VT-JWJ (Jet Airways A330-200) BOM-HKG-BOM
2x 4R-MRE (Mihin Lanka A320-200) CCU-CMB-CCU
2x 4R-ALG (SriLankan Airlines A330-200) CDG-CMB, CMB-MAA
2x 4R-HTO (Helitours Sri Lanka Xian MA60) Ratmalana - Trincomallee - Jaffna and vv.

Jet Airways is clearly the reason why I have so many repeat registrations :P
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Fri Apr 07, 2017 11:40 am

I've flown on MU's former A346 B-6050 multiple times...including on an entire roundtrip PVG-JFK-PVG (inbound and outbound were about a month apart). I've probably been on MU's other 346s more than once.

Flew on CA's former 744M B-2468 twice...PEK-SFO and JFK-PEK.

Flew on KE's 744 HL7472 twice, both JFK-ICN.

Flew on Tailwind's C208 Caravan Amphibian N208JP twice...both BDR-QNY.

It is sad to know that so many of the aircraft I've flown on in the last 18 years are now retired or scrapped. The only ones for which I wrote down the regs for that I can still find flying are N208JP, 9V-SWL (77W) and 9V-SKF (388)...and I think KF is probably going to be retired soon.
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Sat Apr 08, 2017 7:06 pm

Here's my list:

6Y-JMH Air Jamaica Airbus A321 JFK-MBJ on 2 different occasions, 4 years apart
N262AV USA 3000 Airbus A320 EWR-PUJ, then PUJ-EWR 4 days later
N754PR Philippine Airlines Boeing 747-400, MNL-HKG, then HKG-MNL 4 days later
N535US Delta Airlines Boeing 757-200 JFK-DUB, then DUB-JFK a week later
SP-LRB LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 787 JFK-WAW, then WAW-JFK a week later
C-GPWS Westjet Boeing 737-600 LGA-YYZ on 2 different occasions, one year apart.
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Sat Apr 08, 2017 7:43 pm

I keep track of almost all the plane registration for my flights. :D

3x N38446 Boeing B737-900ER United Airlines
3x N512UA Boeing B757-200 United Airlines
3x N73860 Boeing B757-300 United Airlines
2x G-EUNA Airbus A318 CJ British Airways
2x JA-832J Boeing B787-8 JAL Japan Airlines
2x N101NN Airbus A321 American Airlines
2x N37281 Boeing B737-800 United Airlines
2x N47414 Boeing B737-900ER United Airlines
2x N537JT Airbus A320 JetBlue Airways
2x N57870 Boeing B757-300 United Airlines
2x N587UA Boeing B757-200 United Airlines
2x N588UA Boeing B757-200 United Airlines
2x N596UA Boeing B757-200 United Airlines
2x N597UA Boeing B757-200 United Airlines
2x N598UA Boeing B757-200 United Airlines
2x N641JB Airbus A320 JetBlue Airways
2x N655JB Airbus A320 JetBlue Airways
2x N75858 Boeing B757-300 United Airlines
2x N78524 Boeing B737-800 United Airlines
2x N850UA Airbus A319 United Airlines
2x N943SW Bombardier CRJ-200 United Airlines
2x N945SW Bombardier CRJ-200 United Airlines
2x N952SW Bombardier CRJ-200 United Airlines
2x N976SW Bombardier CRJ-200 United Airlines
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Sat Apr 08, 2017 8:13 pm

Not flying as frequently as some but out of 40 flights I've flown G-EZTX, VH-TQL, TF-SIS, C-GTDG and EI-REL all x2. A quarter of all my flights have had repeat reg's.
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Sun Apr 09, 2017 2:31 pm

I've had a few A380s twice, all on SQ.

9V-SKB, 9V-SKC, 9V-SKD, 9V-SKF. 'KF I may have done 3 times.
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Sun Apr 09, 2017 9:05 pm

It's happened to me three times on commercial airlines.

The first was N76153, a CO 762. I flew on it on IAH-EWR on my way to Germany back in 2006, and then ended up on the same plane for the FRA-EWR-IAH return trip. This was before I kept track of registration numbers, so I didn't even realize it was the same plane until years later when I went back and looked up the tail number in the BTS database.

I was also on N18220 twice, a CO 738. The first time on SMF-IAH in 2007, and then on OAK-IAH a little over a year later.

Then in 2008 I flew on N975AS twice, an AS MD-83. Once on SMF-SEA and then on SEA-SMF the following month. That was when the MD-80s were almost gone from their fleet and they only had around six left, so chances of getting the same plane twice on one of the few remaining MD-80 routes was fairly high.

I also used to work for Intel and flew on their corporate shuttles many times, but since their fleet is only six planes and I flew on them many more than six times, mathematically I must have flown on at least some of them more than once. And in fact I've been on all of them more than once.
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Mon Apr 10, 2017 12:25 pm

It's happened to me a few times, especially on short trips with U2 where one particular aircraft might operate the same route throughout the weekend. Sometimes I end up on the same aircraft in the same seat on the same route, and other times my connecting flight happens to be operated by the same aircraft. In some cases, I've also flown on the same aircraft with different airlines.

2x D-AGBS A319-100 (Air Berlin)
2x D-ABKM 737-800 (Air Berlin)
2x D-ABZI A320-200 (Air Berlin)
2x D-AGEE 737-300 (HLX)
3x D-AGEN 737-700 (1x HLX, 2x Air Berlin)
2x D-AILP A319-100 (Lufthansa)
2x D-AIPK A320-200 (Lufthansa)
2x D-AIQR A320-200 (1x Lufthansa, 1x Germanwings)
2x D-AIQS A320-200 (1x Lufthansa, 1x Germanwings)
2x D-AIQT A320-200 (Lufthansa)
2x D-AIRT A321-100 (Lufthansa)
2x D-ATUB 737-800  (TUIfly)
2x EI-CSH 737-800 (Ryanair)
2x EI-DJH A320-200 (
2x EI-ISB 777-200 (Alitalia)
2x G-EZAC A319-100 (easyJet)
2x G-EZAX A319-100 (easyJet)
2x G-EZBG A319-100 (easyJet)
2x G-EZDB A319-100 (easyJet)
2x G-EZDH A319-100 (easyJet)
2x G-EZFE A319-100 (easyJet)
2x G-EZIH A319-100 (easyJet)
2x G-EZIP A319-100 (easyJet)
2x G-EZNC A319-100 (easyJet)
2x G-EZOK A320-200 (easyJet)
2x G-EZTT A320-200 (easyJet)
2x G-EZWK A320-200 (easyJet)
2x G-LGTE 737-300 (British Airways)
2x HB-IJW A320-200 (Swiss)
2x HB-IZJ Saab 2000 (Swiss)
2x I-ADJO Embraer 195 (Air Dolomiti)
2x I-ADLT ATR 72-500 (Air Dolomiti)
2x I-JETD 737-200 (AirOne)
2x OE-LGG Dash 8-400 (Tyrolean)
2x SX-SEH Jetstream 41 (SkyExpress)
2x TF-ELY 737-400 (Volareweb opb Islandsflug)
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Tue Apr 11, 2017 4:42 pm

I've been on several aircraft due to work at another carrier in the past but in recent years I've flown the following twice on paid tickets.

G-LSAC a 757-200W that's an absolute beast with a distinctive roar
G-GDFC Jet2's first 737-800W
G-GDFL 737-300W. The winglets make a huge difference, especially off the short BLK runway

All Jet2 aircraft, plus single flights on several others. I'm a fan of LS! Looking forward to trying the new 738W when one turns up on my booked flight in the future.
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:44 am

My first ever 787 apparently liked me so much that it wanted to fly with me again. Admitedly, XiamenAir didn't have a super big selection (I think it were only 4 different ones at that point) but still only a 25% chance.
Was on AMS-XMN and XMN-AMS, their only longhaul route back then if I remember correctly
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:20 pm

To the best of my knowledge only flown on the same plane twice once and that was in the days when BA had mystery days out when you turned up at the airport and were given return tickets to a European destination for a day out - on one occasion I did this and the mystery destination was Amsterdam - but the return flight was only about 90 minutes after arriving at AMS - so we deplaned passed through border control into arrivals and checked straight back in [pre-internet check in this was] and boarded the plane we had just arrived on an hour or so earlier. My old records don't record the registration but it was a B757.

Two friends of mine flew MAN-LGW-DBV also with BA - they deplaned at LGW took a bus to domestic arrivals then cleared security etc charged round the airport [the MAN-LGW flight had arrived quite late] only to re board the plane they had just arrived on from MAN. Again no registration details sorry but it was a B737.
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Thu May 18, 2017 5:38 pm

Yes four or five different times on three different airlines. Having difficulty finding some tail #s because of Flightdiary being purchased by Flightradar24. I suppose I can try the non mobile version.
Aer Lingus
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"St Patrick"
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"St Colmcille" 8/1997 RT BOS-SNN

E190 N329JB
"My other ride is a JetBlue A320"
JFK-BOS ~10/2009
BOS-JFK 12/02/2015
Can't recall name or tail #
One flight was to PBI IIRC (either from EWR/BOS)
Second was LAX-BOS 1/20/2015

Hawaiian Airlines
"A'a" (Hawaiian for the star Sirius)
JFK-HNL 1/13/2015
HNL-LAX 1/20/2015

Great thread!!
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Fri May 19, 2017 3:28 am

This past weekend I flew TSA-MKG (Taipei Sungshan to Makong) Friday, returning Sunday. Not only did I get the same aircraft, I actually got the exact same seat for both flights! Crew was different though.

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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Mon May 22, 2017 1:01 am

Recently just completed two sectors on B-LRG (CX A359).
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Tue May 23, 2017 4:08 pm

2X PT-TAA - Transbrasil 767-200

2X N787AL - American Airlines 777-200ER
2X N762AN - American Airlines 777-200ER
2X N765AN - American Airlines 777-200ER
2X N694AN - American Airlines 757-200

3X PT-MVF - TAM A330-200

Multiple times aboard Transbrasil's following 767-300's: PT-TAE, PT-TAL and PT-TAM (reason for my nickname)
Picture by Justin Cederholm at MCO.
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Wed May 24, 2017 7:57 pm

Virgin Atlantic used to have a single 747-100 "Spirit of Sir Freddie" that was used most commonly on BOS-LGW, so I flew on Sir Freddie several times. Before VS, I used to fly Pan Am and encountered Clipper Kit Carson more than once.
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Wed May 24, 2017 11:41 pm

I flown both CX's and AC's 777 for YYZ-HKG and return route for about 22 times. I also flew AA's Dallas- HKG route there and back
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Wed May 31, 2017 7:42 pm

I flew last week connecting with TAP in LIS.

I disembarked to see that my next flight was in the same gate. So not only the same plane in the same day but also the same crew (not the same seat though).

Last year I flew with Ryanair to PRG for a weekend and it was the same plane back and forth. So I flew the same plane on two consecutive days (Saturday morning and Sunday evening). I only noticed it in Flightmemory (old version!) since they updated automatically registrations and noticed the same in the two consecutive flights.

Those are the ones I know for sure, but I don't usually look at regs.
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Re: Ever fly on the same plane twice?

Thu Jun 01, 2017 6:32 am

These two were particularly hard to avoid for me, and were flown countless times:
UR-GAC : ... l-Airlines
UR-BVY: ... t-Airlines
The latter one especially -- with a terrible seat pitch, and uncomfortable seats, I still remember walking out with a leg pain after an hour or 90 mins of flying...
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